I’m still here!

I’m still here!

Most of my time at the moment has been dominated by life! My fianceé and I are planning to move; so there has been a lot of upheaval and a change to my priorities, so not as much time as I would have liked coding. That has been replaced by looking for a new house and making our house a bit easier on the eye! Also to add a bit of fun to all of this we have had a great holiday to Mexico!

The #ParadroidRemake has been progressing along:

I have introduced a new element to the main game screen; the “Info Bar”. It’s a mini hud that displays information about the game in real time. It shows the current Dreadnaught, the Deck, Alert Status, the players health (and the maximum health you can have), the weapon with an animated cool down, shows if your have keyboard or joystick control. sound and music on/off icons! Some of the purists of the game may not like this addon, so it will be togglable.

Also I have made inroads to enemy droid creation code. I will write more about this and the Info Bar in more detail soon.

For a bit off fun I decided to revisit my last game that was released on the Apple App Store, iDef. I decided to see how long it would take to rewrite it from scratch in Game Maker for PC and Mac. The original iPhone and iPad game was written in Objective-C using the Cocos2D framework. The game isn’t complete, but is playable. Again I will post some more detail soon!

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